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Live in the Game, LLC


About Live in the Game


Founded in 2015 by Benjamin Pope, Live in the Game™ is an Indie Game Studio that started small and is now around 20-25 people across the country and across the globe. We have our first published title and are looking to release more coming up.

We aim to produce unique gaming experiences for those who play them. In doing so we cover all types of different gaming genres and gameplay styles for different gamers. Starting on PC and mobile now we hope to expand into console game systems in the future. We are always interested in talking to those who like our projects and want to work with us so reach out to us on the contact forms below.

Meet The Owner

Ben Pope

Benjamin Pope is a Game Design graduate of the University of Advancing Technology in Tempe, AZ. He has background in business and psychology with work in therapy, experience in humanities, and has a drive to work to make his dream a reality of producing awesome games through design and art.

He also wants to give back to the gaming community and inspire future generations of gamers. Starting the studio in Tempe, AZ he developed a solid foundation for it there and is now located in Denver, CO and is branching out to those other areas where the studio members live to continue growth of the business.