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Live in the Game, LLC


The Games

Mirrored Game™

A 2.5D thriller and puzzler that follows the story of a girl named Lily and her mysterious cat companion Logos through several levels that involve dealing with the loss of her parents and fitting in with her new life situation toward the goal of resolution. This requires entry into a mirrored/alternate reality to battle shadow bosses with a defensive mechanic used to survive the battles.

Model Weapons Expert™

This is an exciting and experimental 3D game from the studio that focuses on assembly of model weapons of varying types in unique content packs. Auditory stressors make this difficult to do as players use model arms in the game for assembly to make successful weapons and move to higher difficulty assemblies. Future goal will be to use LeapMotion technology for a more innovative gaming experience.

Map of Games™

Application that will take the evolution of the history of video games from the roots in board games and place this in a map context that is available on mobile and PC and is an educational application. It is a website linked to a database with its own social networking forum feature.

For Mirrored: Pop-Up Play™

A mobile off-shoot from the original studio game project Mirrored: The Reflective Resolution that focuses on taking the game and approaching it from a different angle with new story elements/gameplay/mechanics unique to this title. Players use their mobile devices as the shield mechanic from the original game more fully to defeat new and unique enemies and bosses from new areas to allow for more action-oriented play.

Puppet Master:
Demon Reclamation™

Siblings are playable characters from family who works to constrains demons in a relic. Puppet Master demon escapes and takes parents. Players rescue them through fighting marionette demons in the puppet world.

Wry Reveries™

Wry Reveries™ is a game series that follows episodic tales of significant figures as they play through tales in the theme of dreams. Gameplay follows traditional point-and-click adventure games of the past but the content is uniquely tailored to each main protagonist in each tale of the series.

Lunar Sea™

Cthulu is on the run after stealing the moon! Use the moon to influence the waves to avoid missiles and jagged rocks down below. Enjoy two different gameplay modes as you make your way through the increasingly challenging levels that test your abilities.